3 Things to Do with Baby Soda Bottles

Activities to do with baby soda bottles

Our October Wizard Bramble Box contained both test tubes and water gel crystals.  Once you are done with the activities in your kit here are a few more to try. There are lots of activities you can do with baby soda bottles and water gel crystals (both of which you can find in our Wizard’s Bramble Box or any science store). Here are a few of our favorites!


taking rootPut a few water gel crystals in a baby soda bottle and fill it approximately 3/4 full with water.  Let the test tube sit for a few hours to let the crystals absorb the water.  Drain the excess water and break the crystals up a little with a straw, keeping them inside the test tube.  Add a seed to the tube, such as pumpkin, sunflower or an apple pip. Larger seeds are easiest to see.

After a few days you’ll notice the seed is starting to grow.  You’ll be able to watch the roots growing down through the crystals.  Add more water every so often as the seed will drink the water from the crystals and they will need a top up!


colored crystalsFill two test tubes with water until they are 3/4 full. Add one drop of primary colored food coloring or a fizzing color tablet to each.  Remember to be careful with the food coloring as it can stain. With the cap on, give them a shake to mix the water and the color. Drop two water gel crystals into each tube.  Leave the crystals for a few hours until they have absorbed water.  Take one crystal out of each test tube and place them in a clean test tube. Add water.

Look down through the test tube at the crystals. What color do you see? Pour out the water (taking care not to pour out the crystals) and look at the individual crystals. What do you see now? Yellow and blue mix to make green, yellow and red make orange and red and blue make purple.


Color chemistryChromatography is a process that allows you to separate ink into the individual colors that is consists of. Some of the colors may come as a surprise!

Take a strip of coffee filter about a half inch wide (it has to be able to fit inside your test tube). Using a black marker, draw a big dot about half an inch from the bottom.  Tape the strip to a toothpick or skewer so that it rests on the top of the tube as you hang the paper into the test tube.

Pour water into the test tube until it is just barely touching the bottom of the paper strip. The color will slowly travel up the strip of coffee filter.  Some colors will travel further than others.  Can you identify what colors were mixed together to make the black color of the marker? Now have a go with some other colors.  This even works with skittles; just lay a skittle on a small spot of water on the filter paper until the color has transferred.


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