Create your own Pretend Play Ice Cream Shop

Ice Cream Shop From a Cardboard Box
This month’s Bramble Box is all about ice cream.  Hopefully the sun is shining where you are and you can enjoy creating and dishing out un-meltable goodies from your store. Each box was handmade by us and is lined on the inside with a red and white gingham print sticker, with a striped store front sticker on the top flap.
 Adult assistance will be required to perform the cuts to make the box into a shop. You will need scissors or an X-acto knife (or similar) would work great too.
Cut off the top flap (lined with the red and white striped sticker off the box).  Cut along the black dashed line on the inside of the box to create a front opening.  Fold this newly created flap downwards to create the opening.
Take the front red and white striped piece, fold down the side inserts along their crease so they are at a 90 degree angle. Tuck the flaps into the small openings at the sides of the top of the box at an approximately 45 degree angle to the box.
To create the ‘cone stand’, cut along the thick black lines within the two white circles.  These can be used to stand up the cones for serving.




Once you have put together your shop, don’t forget you can decorate it with your ice cream stickers.  You can decorate your hats, containers and even cones to customize your store.

We hope you enjoy your handmade ice cream box.  We’d love to see your photos of fun with your Bramble Box.  Feel free to share at or on our Facebook page.


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