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Weather is everywhere. Hot or cold, sunny or rainy, the weather affects what we do, where we live and even how we dress! It’s also pretty fascinating to learn about.

Weather is different all over the world. It’s even different from state to state throughout the United States.

Weather is made up of different things; wind, precipitation, temperature, sunshine and cloud cover.  In our Bramble Box Meteorologist STEM kit, we discussed some of the tools we could use to record and predict the weather. We also included instructions to make some of the items you would need for a Home Weather Station, including an anemometer, a pine cone weather predicting station and a barometer.  Here are some additional activity ideas to extend your Meteorologist Bramble Box even further:

weather forecast Weather Forecast / Television Studio / Austria

Film your own forecast.

Set up your video camera (or pretend to film), grab some old suit jackets and have your kids present their own pretend weather forecast (watch your local weather for some inspiration). You can print radar, satellite, precipitation, and temperature maps at USA Today or The Weather Channel to use in their play!

cooling down

Discover how to make a thermometer.  

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Make a rain gauge. 

PicMonkey Image 

Make a wind sock.

 You can check out our themed Pretend Play Craft Kits here. They make fantastic birthday and holiday gifts for kids 3-7.




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