Easter Chick Craft Instructions

Easter Chick Craft

What’s cuter than a fluffy Easter chick? 

These fluffy friends are a breeze to make and are the prefect size for storing in a little egg carton, for some pretend play fun! Peeling and sticking on the eyes and nose and placing them into an egg carton is great for practicing those fine motor skills.

You will need:

supplies needed for Easter craft

  • Two inch fluffy pom poms in yellow or white (or any other color you desire)
  • Sticky wiggly eyes
  • Small foam sticky triangles for nose (or any colored sticker cut into a triangle shape)
  • An egg carton
  • Decorations (such as foam shapes) for the carton customization

To make the cute chicks simply peel off two eyes and a sticky beak and add to each fluffy pom pom.   We used assorted sizes of eyes to make a few different chick characters.

Add the fluffy chicks to the egg carton and decorate. Your chicks are ready to play! Hint: they also fit inside regular sized plastic Easter eggs if you’d like them to ‘hatch’.  Just open the plastic egg, place the chick in face first and close the egg up.

pretend play Easter chicks

Just love these chicks and my kids spent hours playing with them, even the 7 year old!

Enjoy and Happy Easter!

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As always adult supervision is required for all crafts and adults should determine whether crafts are age appropriate for each child.



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