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Eye Doctor Pretend Play Kit

Our July monthly theme is Eye Doctor. Eye doctors (also called ophthalmologists or optometrists) use a number of tests to examine your eyes and find out if you might have any vision problems. You can check out our themed Pretend Play Craft Kits here. They make fantastic birthday and holiday gifts for kids 3-7.

Playing pretend eye doctor helps children to role play and become more familiar with the process of visiting the eye doctor, which in turn may help to reduce anxiety and fear of a new experience.  It also helps us to learn that our eyes are important and that we have to take care of them!

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Our Bramble Box kit contains a wooden ‘sticky stick’ craft stick and a round piece of soft felt to make an eye occluder. Eye occluders allow the eye doctor to block the vision of one eye, and lets him or her test each of the patient’s eyes individually.

Your kit contains some foam glasses and some stickers so you can decorate and customize the glasses. Also included are eye charts, patient exam charts, a 3D image to explore depth perception and pretend prescriptions.

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Below you can find our free printables for home use, if you’d like to print more copies to play with.

Creating a Display Stand

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Every eye doctor needs a stand to display his / her glasses for patients.  You can use your empty Bramble Box to set up a display case for your glasses (you will also need an empty egg carton and some scissors).

Ask an adult assistant for help to cut the pointy divider out of a cardboard egg carton, make a hole in the bramble box big enough to push the divider through at least half way. Push the divider through the hole, hang the nose piece of your glasses on it and you have a nice holder for your glasses.

eye glass stand instructions

Anaglyph Images

We added some basic red / cyan 3D glasses to our Eye Doctor Pretend Play Kit.

Ophthalmologists may use 3D images and special 3D glasses to test if your eyes are working together as a team.  When both eyes are working well as a team this is called binocular vision.  Both eyes have to work together to see depth.

We enclosed a 3D image of a butterfly. This type of image is called an anaglyph. You can find more anaglyph images to explore here on Flickr. This is an external site, so please use adult supervision to determine the suitability of images before showing to children.

Free Printables

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prescription eye doctor

patient exam

This kit, activities and / or crafts is designed for use with adult supervision.

A supervising adult should decide if the kit is age / developmentally  appropriate for the child(ren) and supervise as appropriate.

This kit is not a substitute for the tests or diagnosis made by a health professional.






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