Fun Grasshead Tutorial for Kids

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Our Grasshead Tutorial

Time: 30 minutes (plus growing time), Difficulty: Easy


Bramble the Super Cool Grasshead

The past few months we were experimenting with activities to include in our May Bramble Box which has a gardener theme.  We toyed with the idea of including grasshead kits in our box as an activity but they seemed to be making them everywhere at the moment (I spied them at the preschool and at our local elementary school in various forms).  Still, this was a really fun activity to do with the kids and they were both very excited about it.  As you can see Bramble the Grasshead has managed to escape a haircut so far – which really is one of the best parts for the kiddos.

Making our grasshead was really easy and my 3 year old and 6 year old had fun planting and waiting for them to grow.  They were delighted to see those first shoots popping through the top and they grew very fast. We decided to use cat grass for the seeds.  They are large seeds which are easy for the little ones to handle and grow super tall.  Check out our directions below to grow your very own grasshead!

What you need

  1. Jiffy seed pellets (soil, compost or sawdust would work too)
  2. A disposable foot sock / peds, the foot off a pair of tights / stockings or even a real sock (tip – the thicker the sock the harder it is for the seeds to poke through)
  3. Cat grass (regular grass or even chives would work too)
  4. Empty yoghurt container
  5. Wiggly eyes, construction paper, glue stick, pipe cleaners and anything else you wish to use to decorate


Open up your sock of choice and add the seeds into the toe part. We used one tablespoon of cat grass seeds.

We decided to use Jiffy seed pellets as our potting medium.  They make less mess than loose soil and the kids love to watch with amazement as they hydrate and expand.  We placed around 4 pellets into our sock and soaked the whole thing in a large bowl of water until they were super squashy and had absorbed the maximum amount of water.  Alternatively, if you wanted to watch them you can place them in a bowl of warm water and watch them expand.  Once they are in the sock and expanded – give them a little squish around and form a ball shape (you want around 2-3 inches of loose sock at the end – keeping the seeds at the bottom of the ball. We kept the netting on the pellets but you could remove it for easier shaping.

Tie the sock in a knot so that they loose bit of sock dangles down. Excuse his beard – I forgot to take a photo of this the first time round – maybe he needs a shave AND a haircut.

Once he’s tied off place him on his chosen yoghurt container or small plastic cup. You can add a nose (or ears too!) by making a little ball of soil and tying it off with an elastic band. Our nose is a little over-sized!

We attached his eyes using two wiggly eyes and two glue dots.  Now this little guy is wet so you need to use a hot glue gun or waterproof glue.  I wanted the kids to do it so we used glue dots.  They didn’t stick super well but they stayed on, which was all we needed them to do! At this point we took a break from decorating him further and left that until he had some hair.

Add water to the pot and place him / her somewhere sunny. You’ll need to fill the pot with water regularly and the little tail of the sock will soak it right up. Three days later and we had some very obvious growth!

We used construction paper to wrap around the pot and made him a little tie and suspenders.  Using a pipe cleaner we made him some glasses (my son has glasses so these are a must). Voila! He was done and more than ready for his haircut!

Follow Bramble the grasshead’s growth:

grasshead video

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