Gardening Projects for Kids

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10 Inspired Gardening Projects for Kids

Bramble Box Garden Fun

Spring and summer is a great time to get outdoors, enjoy the warmer weather and jump into gardening.

Did you know that gardening with your kids has huge benefits? Getting those little hands dirty helps children learn about patience (as they wait for those first sprouts) and responsibility. They learn about nurturing a life and how necessary their care is to the garden. Not to mention the physical benefits; gardening is actually exercise and uses those developing motor skills to the max.  It also involves sharing tasks, cooperation, helping each other and a little bit of ‘elbow grease’. 

Planting fruit and/or vegetables? A fantastic opportunity to learn about where our food comes from. Compare them to those we find in the grocery store – they are just the same! Well ours never quite reach the enormous sizes in the store. Again a great chance to talk about why that might be and the essential things plants need to grow.

Growth of a seed

Looking for fun projects for the kids in the gardening? has a great article with 10 fun projects for kids to inspire gardening fun.  A few projects are indoor projects too, so no yard / garden required.

We had great fun making an earthworm motel earlier this year. Our box this month also contained a egg carton garden – a fun recycling project for our kiddos!

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