How Safe is Snow Ice Cream?

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Snow Ice CreamIt’s been trending on Pinterest for a while, especially during the ‘snowmegeddon’ that hit the North-east in early 2016. Yesterday we decided to give it a try and see what all the fuss was about and it turned out great.  However, my husband on the other hand refused give it a taste test, which got me thinking. Is freshly fallen snow really safe to eat?

Toddler boy eating snow outdoors in winter

Of course, there are plenty of warnings to be found and the usual urban legends, but surprising very little research to prove that letting your children eat snow ice cream will have an affect on their health. Unless, of course, you are scooping up yellow (or any other type of colored snow) or dirty contaminated snow.

Let’s look at the basics. Snow is crystallized water, meaning it’s actually more pure than most types of precipitation. If you think about how snow forms in the atmosphere, it’s essentially frozen distilled water, crystallized around a tiny particle, so it might even be more pure than the stuff coming out of your faucet on a daily basis.

According to research carried out at Brigham Young University, there is no need to tell children not to eat snow as long as it is fresh: “The pristine snow that has just fallen through the air and landed on the ground is not going to be dangerous or unhealthy” according to their study.

Fresh is best, ideally caught in a clean container, without any direct contact with the ground below. Once it has been on the ground for a day or two it can be dusted with contaminants and dirt from the atmosphere around it. Avoid snow that has been near roads, salt treatment or near to chimneys. Another reason to go fresh; you want snow that hasn’t been visSnow Ice Creamited by any little creatures (going back to the yellow snow issue). So get to it before they do!

So like any other dessert, it should be safe in moderation. Which is great news because we already ate it and it was delicious.

Snow Ice Cream Recipe

You will need:

snow ice cream ingredients

  • One cup of milk (or if you are bad like us heavy cream or half & half)
  • One cup sugar
  • One teaspoon of vanilla extract
  • A tiny dash of salt
  • About eight cups of clean, fresh snow


In a bowl combine the milk (or cream), vanilla extract, salt and sugar and blend until the sugar is melted and mixture is smooth. Add the clean, freshly fallen snow and fold into the mixture until the mixture is the consistency of ice cream. We found we had to add a little bit more snow as our snow was super light and fluffy.

Eat immediately or put it in the freezer for later.



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