How to Make a DIY Treasure Chest

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Treasure Chest

If you received a Treasure Island Bramble Box this month you should have everything you need to make a treasure chest out of colored, large craft sticks. This treasure chest is the perfect prop to use with our indoor treasure hunt; fill with coins, gems, candy or other treasure!

How to Make a Treasure Chest: Instructions

chest 1 final

On a protected surface, lay out 8 craft sticks to form the bottom of your chest. You’ll also want to set aside 10 sticks to make the lid. Draw a line of glue onto the back of two craft sticks and lay them along the edges to hold the bottom together. A little glue goes a long way.

treasure chest

Squeeze a small dot of glue onto each corner and then add two more craft sticks to make a square shape.

Keep adding glue to the corners and then craft sticks, alternating sides to build the chest. Once the rest of the sticks have been added, you can give it a little straighten and leave to dry.

To build the lid. Lay out 8 of the set aside craft sticks, then glue and lay two more sticks across the length of them, an inch or two from the edge. Leave to dry   before lifting it, turning it over and placing it on top.

chest 8 final

Add any decorations and fill with your pirate treasure. Your very own pirate treasure chest is done!Treasure Chest





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