Treasure Hunt For Kids

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A perfect way to beat boredom is to create an indoor treasure hunt.  It can be as easy or as hard as you want it to be and can be played over and over again.

This fun treasure hunt activity was part of our Treasure Island pretend play & craft kit, one of many themes in our monthly subscription box service at This kit has everything you need to carry out a fun, indoor (or outdoor) treasure hunt.  We have included a printable copy* of the treasure map and also a clue sheet.

Our treasure hunt is aimed at kids between age 3-8, but could be adapted for older children by making the clues a little harder.  Depending on your child’s age and abilities you may want to hide the clues in a harder or an easier place.

Our Treasure Hunt is one of the many activities in our Treasure Island pretend play & craft kit. Our kits make wonderful gifts for birthdays and holidays, you can buy them individually on as a subscription. Check them out at

Simple Treasure Hunt

Draw (or assist in drawing) a basic floor plan of your house or backyard on the blank treasure map (download your free printable pdf copy below) and play an easy treasure hunt.

treasure hunt map printable

Use a crayon to mark an ‘X’ on the spot where you have hidden the treasure in advance (use a new color for each round) and ask the child or children to find the treasure using the map. Maybe they would like to hide it for you to find next.

Treasure Hunt Using Clues

Where’s a good place to hide the treasure? The best thing to do when planning a treasure hunt is to start backwards, by finding a place to stash the treasure. In a place where it won’t be discovered while you hide the clues! For example, under their bed.

Once you know where the hunt ends, then start thinking about the route itself. Do you want them to always stay in the same room? Will they be going outside? Are there some rooms out of bounds? Once you have the route set, the next step is deciding on suitable clues. Once you’ve picked out the clues and decided which order to place them in, set about hiding the clues for them to find (while their attention is elsewhere). Clues should be hidden so that the first clue leads them to the second clue and so on.

Clue Inspiration Sheet

Bramble Box Clue Inspiration Sheet

Download our free printables below! We’ve added a printer friendly black and white version to save ink.*

Our printables are for personal use only by our lovely customers and blog visitors and may be reproduced for personal use only. Commercial use of our printables is not permitted.  The printable documents and images shall not be copied, redistributed, sold, copied or distributed for commercial purposes.

Enjoy your indoor (or outdoor) treasure hunt!

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