Meteorologist Activities – Rain Gauge

Make a Rain Gauge!

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What you need:

A clear, plastic container (such as an empty bottle)

A ruler and pen

Small pebbles or sand (optional)


How to make it:

Making a rain gauge is a really simple, but fun science experiment to try out at home! First gather the materials you need. If using a plastic bottle, ask an adult assistant to remove the top third of the bottle.  You can skip this step if you have chosen to use an open, clear plastic container.  meteorologist rain gauge cut

Ask an adult assistant to use a ruler and marker (like a sharpie) to make one inch increments on the side of the container or if you don’t wish to mark on your container, you can hold a ruler next to the container to measure how much rain water you have collected.

Place the rain gaugemeteorologist 079 somewhere outdoors where is can gather the rain as it falls from the sky.  In order to anchor the rain gauge, if you think it might get blown away, you can drop a few pebbles or some sand into the bottom of the container and fill up the water until it reaches the first inch.  Just remember to subtract an inch from the reading when you check on it. 🙂

Check on your rain gauge and record how much rain has fallen in one day, week or month. You could record this information on a recording page and even make a graph (for a little math fun).




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