Post Office Pretend Play Prop Box

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Pretend Play Post Office

Playing pretend post office, writing and mailing letters, is one of the pretend play activities that gets the most traction in this house.  My almost 4 year old has been playing with her Post Office Prop Box for the past five days now and Pretend Play Post Officekeeps finding new ways to have fun and my 7 year old always jumps in to help write the letters and envelopes.  If you are unfamiliar with prop boxes they consists of dramatic play materials that are organized around specific themes to encourage pretend play, particularly role play. Find out below how we made our prop box along with our free printables! Of course if you don’t fancy the hard work of pulling it all together, and running round the stores collecting together bits and pieces, you can purchase a ready-made Post Office Pretend Play kit here for only $19.99 (shipping $6.95).

One of the best aspects of a prop box is that it encourages imaginative role play with usually several different roles, such as mailman (or mailwoman), post office worker and of course the person producing all that mail for delivery.  Dramatic play encourages children to experience and explore these different roles while also promoting cooperation and sharing, when siblings or friends are involved.

The most successful way to use a prop box is to collate the materials together, then to sit down with your child or children and explain what each item is to set the context for play.  They may be familiar with some of the materials but others may need a little explaining.  Incorporating books or theme appropriate online videos (think trip to post office / day in the life of a mailman).

Here is what we added to our post office themed pretend play kit to inspire hours of pretend play fun:Pretend Play Post Office

  • A mail workers vest: Pretend play is just more fun if you can dress up.
  • A mail bag: For this we purchased canvas bags then added the word ‘Mailbag’ in heat transfer vinyl, which we (the adults) cut ourselves on our die cut machine and then we (the adults) hand ironed it onto each and every bag.
  • Stamps: We designed and printed our own onto stamp sized labels with Bramble the Fox on each one (of course!). Alternatively you could use squares of cut paper, a pen to decorate and some glue.  There’s just something very fun about peeling and sticking and I prefer the props we use to look as real as possible. You can download these below!mail box
  • Envelopes and notepad: The kits we make include around 50 envelopes and a small notepad. The kids will use a lot of envelopes.  They are also cheap to replace when they are used up!
  • A postcard which shows the children how to address an envelope properly, including where to write the address and return address for older children. Download yours below! Our postcard is super glossy so that you can use a dry erase marker and wipe clean for next time. We add a dry erase marker into our kits too! Did you know that almost a third of teenagers have no idea how to write a letter; they have never been shown. (
  • Crayons and stickers to decorate the mail.
  • The box: We love to reuse and re-purpose so we promote the use of the box itself as a mailbox.  We include a sticker on the inside to show you exactly where an adult can make the cuts to create a mailbox to deliver all those letters!

Download your free post office printables below:

We’ve done the hard work for you, no need to run round the stores collecting together bits and pieces, you can purchase a ready-made Post Office Pretend Play kit here for only $25.95 (shipping included).

Bramble Box Post Office Pretend Play Kit

Bramble Box Post Office Pretend Play Kit. $25 including free shipping at





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