How to Make (No-Sew) Felt Fortune Cookies and Wontons

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Making Fortune Cookies

Fortune cookies are thin, crisp cookies. Inside they contain a piece of paper with a ’fortune’. Fortune cookies are not actually a tradition in China but are very common in the United States and other Western countries. Find out how to make your own pretend, no sew fortune cookies below. Don’t miss our pretend play Chinese restaurant printables!

You will need scissors, felt, pipe cleaners and glue.


  • Cut circular pieces of felt approximately 3 -4 inches wide.
  • Cut a piece of pipe cleaner, just a bit smaller than the felt.  Fold the felt in half to find the middle. Apply a line of glue down the middle of the felt.
  • Place the pipe cleaner on top. You will have to wait until the glue completely dries before moving on (our glue was dry after around 30-40 mins).
  • Once the glue is dry, fold the circle in half and using your thumb push the middle of the pipe cleaner    inwards, to create a fortune cookie shape.
  • Cut out your fortune cookie messages and slide into the cookie. You can find a download a sheet of ’fortunes’ below or feel free to create your own!

Making Wontons

Wontons are small Chinese dumplings, usually filled with a savory filling such as pork. They can be steamed, boiled or fried! Find out how to make your own pretend wontons.

  • Take a large circle of felt, around 6 inches wide and place a pom pom (filling) in the middle.
  • Gather up the felt above the pom pom and (with the help of an adult assistant), use a rubber band to secure the felt above the pom pom.

Making Egg Rolls

Egg rolls are a snack consisting of meat and / or shredded vegetables wrapped in a dough made of egg. Find out how to make you own pretend egg rolls.

Take a large circle of felt, around 6 inches.  Fill your felt with anything you like! Y

Roll the felt from one side to the other (over the filling) tightly, ask your adult assistant to secure each roll with a rubber band around each end.

We had so much fun playing pretend Chinese restaurant. Don’t forget to pop over to our website to check out our pretend play kits for kids 3-7.


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