Safari Box – Activity Ideas

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This month we’re going on safari in Africa!

We’ve searched the Internet to find the best Safari related activities to complement your box theme.

Safari Vest 

Photo from

You can find out how to make a paper bag vest here at for pennies, along with free printable templates to add vest details such as cute pockets. 

Jungle Slime

Kids love slime! Add a little sensory experience to your animal play by making slime at home. Remember slime can be messy! 

We found this great sparkly Jungle Slime recipe on Buggy and Buddy using liquid starch, clear glue, glitter and paint.  

Photo from Buggy and Buddy

They made three different colored batches of slime and then swirled them together to make a glittery, multicolored slime. I can’t wait to try this with my kids! Note that this slime isn’t taste safe.

Discover African Ecosystems

Africa hosts a diverse range of habitats, from savanna to desert,  which in turn support lots of different species of plants and animals.  You can learn all about African ecosystems here at the African Wildlife Foundation.

Maasai Necklaces 

The Maasai people live in Kenya and Northern Tanzania in Africa. The Massai people are well known for their intricate beadwork, including necklaces and bracelets.  We found this lovely idea of recreating these beautiful necklaces using paper plates and paint over at

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