Snow Dough!

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Snow Dough

This fun dough is very easy and quick to make and required no cooking. You can add glitter for a bit of sparkle or even some peppermint extract for an extra sensory experience. Instructions below!

You Will Need

One 16oz Corn Starch Container / Box (Corn Flour in the UK)

Hair conditioner or lotion (around 10oz)


Eyes, pipe cleaners, beads and other bits and bobs to build snowmen or snowladies!

A large mixing bowl

How To Make Snow Dough

Empty out the container of corn starch into a large bowl. Slowly add the hair conditioner or lotion into the dough (glitter too if you are adding it) and mix well (hands work great). It will be sticky at first but smoother as you work it into a smooth dough.

We added around 10-12oz of hair conditioner slowly. After around 10oz of hair conditioner, our dough was moldable but was still a little crumbly when we tried to build our snowmen. We added around another two ounces and our dough was soft and could be made into snowballs without crumbling. We collected some eyes, some pony beads and pieces of black pipe cleaners.

*We actually made one batch with lotion and one batch with hair conditioner and we found no real difference in the snow dough*

 Then the kids went to town building snowmen (and other snow creatures). The beads made great eyes and buttons while added them used those fine motor skills! To store your dough, wrap it plastic wrap (cling film) and store it in the fridge – it should last a few weeks. If you accidentally leave your dough out overnight it will dry out and turn back into its powdered form. My kids actually loved smashing their snowmen from the day before in a bowl and then we added a little water and made snow dough all over again!



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  1. Lemma says:

    Love this!! Easy enough.. for sure making this in the next couple of days ☃️

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