Top Tips for Summer Survival

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3 Top Tips For Summer Survival

Bramble Box Summer Survival
Summer break is finally here and for many parents so is the continual struggle to balance life / work, boredom and sometimes sanity.  We all LOVE our children but sometimes it helps to keep a step ahead of them. Here are our top tips for summer survival!

Create a Summer Bucket List

Summer Bucket List

Make a summer bucket list now with all the things you want to achieve over the summer. It doesn’t have to be one continuous party. Add things you and your kids would like to achieve over the summer; like learning to ride a bike without training wheels, working on math or doing something to help others. I try to remind myself that boredom is actually a good thing. When my kids are bored their imagination comes out and they find their own ways to entertain themselves (like yesterday when they ran around in the rain and made mud balls in the yard).

My six year old son came up with a really nice idea of making a paper chain and writing an idea on each link. He went round the family collecting our ideas and our bucket list paper chain is hung on a wall for everyday inspiration to remind us of the awesome (long) summer ahead (just to clarify, he wants to eat 10 ice creams total over the whole summer break, not at once. Although I wouldn’t put that past him).

Make a Loose Summer Schedule

Make up a schedule to prompt you during those ‘what on earth will we do today moments’.  Remember to make time for downtime, time for mom / dad and chores too. Make use of free summer classes and local events; check out your local library from a kids summer reading programs or free classes.

free printable summer schedule


Download our  Free printable summer schedule! Or make your own with our free blank printable summer schedule, laminate it (you can buy peel and stick laminate the works really well – don’t worry about a fancy machine), stick it on your fridge and use a dry erase pen to mark it up.

Include Time To Do Nothing But Play

Play is so incredibly important for kids 8 and under, especially free, imaginative play. Remember to carve out some time for carefree days of play and see what those big imaginations can achieve. Bramble Box is here to help with our ready made pretend play kits to inspire imaginations big and small and to help them along the way you can get your first kit (a delivered monthly box or a single zero commitment box).

Because we are all in this together, we’ll throw in 30% off our Bramble Box subscriptions until August with code summer30.

What are your top tips for a stress free summer?Save


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